• What is Unsick Day?

    All too often, work gets in the way of our health. Unsick Day is a day off to visit the doctor when you aren’t sick. Take care of the important appointments that are easy to put off, like physicals and teeth cleanings, all with your company’s support. Healthier employees mean a healthier workplace. Everyone wins.

  • Why do American workers need an Unsick Day?

    In today’s workplace, employees rarely leave their desks for lunch, let alone to visit the doctor. This is especially true when it comes to preventive care. According to a recent Zocdoc/Kelton Global survey, three in five (60 percent) of American workers feel uncomfortable leaving work for preventive care appointments. Participating companies across the United States will empower their employees to take care of checkups, such as annual physicals, skin screenings, and dental cleanings that are often neglected due to workplace pressures and obligations.

  • Who is behind Unsick Day?

    Zocdoc, a digital health company with a mission to give power to the patient, recently noticed that two-thirds of its own employees were not going to the preventive care visits covered by the company’s comprehensive insurance plan. When Zocdoc employees were asked why not, a resounding theme was that work gets in the way.

    To address this pervasive cultural conflict, Zocdoc and a group of forward-thinking partners decided to introduce Unsick Day to their workforces and are calling on other companies to do the same.

  • Who are the founding partners of Unsick Day?

    Zocdoc founded Unsick Day together with Buffer, Capsule, Everyday Health, Foursquare, Greatist, Greenhouse, Handy, Oscar, Sailthru, Virgin Hotels, and Zola.

  • What’s the goal of Unsick Day?

    We believe every working American should have an Unsick Day. This will take time, but with the help of our founding partners, we’re kicking off the movement by offering thousands of Unsick Days in 2017. We hope to use Unsick Day to increase access to preventive care, raise awareness around the work-health imbalance, and ultimately influence a cultural shift in workplaces across the United States.

  • Why does Unsick Day focus on preventive care, specifically?

    As a society, we tend to visit the doctor after we get sick. We often don’t proactively make time for the critical preventive care visits that help us manage and maintain our health. Most of us know that getting an annual physical, skin screening, or dental cleaning is important. Unfortunately, we don’t always feel we have the time or permission to prioritize this type of care, especially when work obligations get in the way.

  • How does this work for companies? Does everyone have to take the same day off?

    Unsick Day is designed to be flexible to work with each company’s unique culture and benefits plan. Most companies will allow their employees to take an Unsick Day at their discretion (with advance notice, like a vacation day). Others are asking employees to take their Unsick Day during the company’s wellness week or month. How it works is really up to each company. The most important thing is for companies to offer their employees a dedicated day off each year, starting in 2017, to be used specifically for preventive care visits.

  • What’s the benefit for employers?

    Today, a majority of adults in the United States receive health insurance coverage from their employer, and under the Affordable Care Act, employer-sponsored health insurance plans are required to cover a range of preventive services. However, Zocdoc’s survey found only one in four (25 percent) American workers say they have utilized all of their preventive health benefits. This means companies are spending millions on benefits that are going to waste. When employees skip out on preventive checkups, it translates to more sick days, lower productivity, and higher costs for employers.

    Additionally, many American workers say an Unsick Day would bolster their commitment to their company. According to Zocdoc’s survey, nearly half (49 percent) would be more likely to work for or stay with an employer who gives them time off for preventive care appointments.

  • What’s the benefit for employees?

    Preventive care visits help Americans detect issues early, build stronger relationships with their doctors, and help manage their health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that if every American received the recommended clinical preventive care, it would save more than 100,000 lives per year.

  • What are the types of preventive care appointments employees should take care of on their Unsick Day?

    Preventive care appointments are intended to detect health issues early and prevent other issues before they arise. Learn about five key preventive appointments recommended by leading healthcare organizations here.

  • I don’t receive health insurance through my employer. How can I get covered?

    Open enrollment for individual insurance coverage for 2017 begins November 1, 2016 and ends on January 31, 2017. You can visit healthcare.gov to learn more and get covered.

  • What are the costs to participate?

    There’s no cost to be a part of Unsick Day. The most common preventive care visits and screenings are typically included in company-sponsored health insurance plans, so Unsick Day is an opportunity for employers and employees to ensure they’re utilizing all of their available health benefits. The investment employers make may vary from company to company, depending on how they choose to implement Unsick Day. The bottom line is: the long-term benefits vastly outweigh any short-term costs.

  • I’m an employer and I want to give my company an Unsick Day. How do I make that happen?

    Click here to sign up and help make Unsick Day a reality for your company. Once you enter your information, you’ll have access to the Unsick Day Starter Kit, which will help you roll out Unsick Day to your workplace.

  • I’m an employee and I want my company to offer an Unsick Day. How do I make that happen?

    You can click here to sign up for Unsick Day. Once you enter your information, our team will get to work advocating on your behalf to help make Unsick Day a reality at your company, and in more workplaces across the country. Don’t worry, we won’t use any personal information when reaching out to your company. You can also help Unsick Day gain momentum by spreading the word with your family, friends, and colleagues.

  • Who can I contact to learn more?

    Reach out to info@unsickday.com with any questions or ideas.